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Ashton's POV

    So, Evie and I broke it off... Well obviously, why wouldn't we? But anyways, Carter has been avoiding me for 4 days...

Honestly, it kinda sucks.

I know most of the time she's aggravating, sometimes a compulsive liar, and I sometimes want to punch her in the face, but she's really hot. I can't get that night out of my head. Everytime I think about that night, the more I want her to be mine.

Fucking cheesy, I know.

I'm not really the romantic type but damn, isn't she something?

"Who are you talking about?" My sister asks

"What?" I ask

"You said 'Damn, isn't she something?'"

"No one" I sigh

"Oh Really? No one? You've been zoning out since Saturday. What exactly happened at your party Saturday?" She asks suspiciously

"I think I might like... Carter"

"Wow. Shocker!" Her tone filled with sarcasm

"What's with the attitude?" I ask

"God. You're such an idiot" she huffs out in annoyance

"For liking someone?" I ask

"Ashton, we all know you like Carter, we knew before you knew!"


"The whole school!" Bethany says in a duh tone

"Fucking idiot!" I hear her mumble as she leave the room

"Hey! Don't let me hear you cuss ever again!" I say

"Then don't let me hear you bang girls ever again!"

Okay, that was like one time... Okay maybe more but, the house is usually quiet and I forget she's home sometimes.

"Whatever, I'm going to Carter's" I mumble

"Like she's going to answer her door" her head pops in from the door way of the living room.

"She might answer her window" I smirk

I grab my keys and drive to Carter's house.

I open her gate to the backyard and grab a handful of pebbles from a fake potted plant.

I toss a couple at her window, patiently waiting for her.

One after another until I run out of the small smooth rocks.

Maybe she's in the shower, or asleep.

I'll just go knock on her front door.

I start to leave but the back sliding door of her house opens.

"Ashton! What the fuck are you doing in my backyard?!?" A female tone yells out

My hopes were that it were Carter, but it was her sister instead.

"I...uh... Was chased by a dog?" I question

"No the fuck you weren't! Your car is parked in front of our house! You weirdo!"

"I'm here for Carter" I sigh, walking closer to the back door

"You know, you could've knocked. On the front door..."

"Oops" I shrug

"Come on"

I follow her inside the house, closing the sliding door behind me.

"She's in her room"

I walk upstairs and knock on her door.


No answer.

I knock again, a tad bit louder.


Jesus can you just answer already?!?

I continue to knock on the door louder and louder.

"Why are you so obsessed with me?" Her voice in annoyance as she finally opens her door.

"I just wanted to talk" I say


"About us" I continue

"There is no us! We kissed one time and all of a sudden you think we're together or something! Like I'm magically in love with you? Ashton, we're not like that, I don't like you like that."

"It wasn't just a kiss. That, was something more than just a simple kiss. Carter, I don't expect you to be in love with me or anything, but you're lying to yourself if you're saying you don't like me. You can't deny it, because I know you do, it was shown, that night. That Saturday night."

"I was partly tipsy and you were upset because your girlfriend was cheating on you. You were just caught in the mood, and I just so happened to be the girl you could get your hands on. You're obviously still hurting from Evie, so you have it stuck in your head like I'm supposed to make it all better for you. Well. It doesn't work that way"

How could she brush it off like that? Like it's nothing?

"Real or not real?" I start

"Not this stupid shit" she sighs

"You like me?"

It takes her a while to answer, she finally opens her mouth.

"Not real." She looks at me dead straight in the eyes.

No emotion, not even a blink.

Could she be lying? There's no way, she looked like she was being totally honest, she sounded like it too.

Maybe it's the truth.

"Oh... Okay" I breath out

"What? Surprised that not every girl likes you?"

She doesn't like me...

My heart feels like it got stabbed a thousand times over and over.

Is this what you call Heartbreak?

How could I be hurting over a girl I hated my entire childhood, A girl I shared a kiss with once? The girl that might actually have made me feel like I liked someone in that way.

"I-I have to go..." I turn toward her bedroom door

"I'll see you at school" I hear her say


Ouch. I just got rejected.

When I get to my house, I'm greeted by my sister. Not so kindly too.

"I told you she would reject you"

"Shut the fuck up!"

"She did not!"

"Aww did she take away all of your ego?" She teases

"Fuck no"

Not all of it, at least...

"Do you want me to get your stuffed bear Pookie from your room?" She teases again

"Shut up! And I don't have him anymore, remember, I threw him away, at the age of 7"

"Pft no you didn't, you refused to let him go" she rolls her eyes

"Whatever..." I mumble

I walk into my bathroom, I take a long hot shower then head to bed.

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