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"So... You might like him?" My best friend asks

"I never said that"

Heather and I are hanging out in her room, it's Tuesday afternoon, and she's trying to help me figure out if I actually like Ashton or not.

"Yeah, but you never would've called this meeting in you knew you didn't like him"

"Yeah but like, I've hated him for so long, I don't really know if I want that to change, it's fun to taunt him"

"Well, that's the problem, you don't want change. You still want to have that relationship with him where you can pick on him and annoy him for the fun of it. And if you guys had a relationship involving having to be affectionate towards each other, you're afraid you might hurt him"

"Okay, fine, but what if like, everybody in the school doesn't like the fact we're together"

"Okay, one, since when did you give a fuck about what people think? And two, you guys would be cute together. Badgirl and badboy join forces? Who wouldn't want to see two rivals get together?"

"Um.... Adam and I were technically rivals, and everyone hated it"

"Yeah, well, too bad, you like Ashton and there's nothing you can do about it"

After Heather and I's chat, we watched a movie and I went back home.

When I walk into my home, I hear laughing coming from the living room, like two guys laughing.

Lucas must have a friend over or something.

I close the front door and take off my shoes.

"Delilah? Is that you?" Lucas yells from the other room

"No! It's Carter" I make my way to the living room

As soon as I walk into the living room I see Lucas and Ashton.

"Um... Hey?" I ask very confused

"Yeah, Ashton came to see you and I told him if he wanted to wait and we kind of just found out we have the same interests" Lucas smiles

"Great... Well I'll leave you two, to bond" I awkwardly walk upstairs

"I'll see you later kid" I hear Lucas say to Ashton

Ashton follows me into my room.

"So you actually knocked?" I ask

"Yeah, no. I was throwing pebbles at your window and your brother invited me in, at first it was awkward and then it got cool"

"So why are you here?" I ask

"I was around the neighborhood"

"Like yesterday?" I ask


We had this long conversation about school, and he asked me if I was interested in Brett Edwards, which I said "not really" considering the fact he's a total fuckboy.

We talking about other things, and yeah... Then it was time for him to leave.

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