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It's been a month since Ashton and I have dated, and I have learned one thing:

Ashton is a Sex God.

  When girls from school would say that about him, I would just roll my eyes and think that they're over exaggerating way too much... But I was so wrong.

Other than good sex, Ashton and I are actually good at being a couple... If that makes since...

"Hey guys!" Heather bursts through my bedroom door.

"Oh my god! Heather!" Ashton yells pulling the sheets up

"That's my name!" She smiles

"Can you leave?" Ashton asks

"Ha! No. Delilah told me to tell you two to stop having sex while she's home"

"She called you to tell us?" I ask, putting a shirt on

"Yeah, she said that she felt like it would be too awkward for her to ask her sister and former crush to stop fucking in the room next to hers"

"Okay" I shrug, getting out of bed to put on shorts...

And yes, Heather has seen me naked multiple times

"Are you serious? This couldn't have waited until after we were finished?" Ashton huffs

"It could be worse, we could've been actually fucking when she walked in" I say, putting my arm around Heather

"Yeah I would've dumped holy water on you two" she smiles again

"Couldn't you have knocked at least?" Ashton glares at her, putting his shirt on

"And miss out on what a view Mr. Hayden is?" Heather smirks

"My boyfriend" I chime in.

"Well anyways, Carter and I are going hang out now and you're our driver so... Carter get showered and you too, after Carter" Heather sweetly smiles and walks out of my room.

"You need new friends" Ashton huffs

"Whatever" I laugh, entering my bathroom.

After I get ready and head downstairs, we wait for Ashton and make him drive us to this Festival two hours away.

Once we get to the festival, Heather and I purchase almost every yummy looking good there is.

"Guys can we please go? It's almost twelve!" Ashton complains

"Come on! Don't be a fun leach!" Heather says

"He's right though, we should go, Delilah will kill me if I'm not home soon"

"Ugh fine" Heather huffs

As soon as we drop Heather off, we drive to my place.

Back my house when we enter my room, Ashton asks "Shall we pick up where we started?"

"Okay" I chuckle, wrapping my arms around his neck, going in for a kiss.

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