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Carter's POV

I finally get a chance to see Ashton's house, after thinking he was going to kill me.

Instead I'm going on a date with him, it's not that bad of a punishment.

When I enter his house, it kinda startles me that there aren't horomonal teenagers drunk on alcohol while dirty dancing to loud music.

"It's so quiet" I say in a whisper

I don't know why but I feel like I have to whisper, probably because it's so quite.

"Why are you whispering?" Ashton asks

"I just felt like I had to" I shrug

"Alright, come on"

I follow Ashton upstairs and into his room.

Dark blue walls, with a couple posters on it. His room is super messy, but also it's actually quite clean?

  I look at the floor, a magazine near his bed, I go to pick it up. Ashton beats me to it, but instead of picking it up he kicks it under his bed.

"Ahaha... Um... That's nothing..."

"Nothing?" I ask

I look under his bed.

"Hey! You can't just go through my stuff!

"You went through mine" I say

I pull out a stack of magazines.

My eyes widen.

"Playboy magazines?!?" I ask

"I-I told you not to go through my stuff..." Ashton's face turns red in embarassment

I toss them back underneath his bed.

"Anyways... What else is there to look through?" I look around his room

I look through some of his drawers. There's not really anything interesting in his room.

After I finish raiding his room, I plop on Ashton's bed, next to Ashton.

"I'm hungry" I complain

"I'll go get us something to eat, what do you want?" Ashton asks

"Can it be anything?" I ask


"Well... I really want some fries... And chocolate milkshake from Dave's Burgers" I give an innocent smile

"I'm not driving all the way across town to get a shake and fries"

"Uggghhh Pleaaasee" I whine


"Please with a cherry on top?" I ask, giving puppy dog eyes


"I'll go on two dates with you" I try to convince

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