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  I have to take the bus to school this morning because my sister is still mad at me, so her driving me is out of the question. By the time I got to the bus stop, the bus had already drove away... I'm so lucky, right? I guess I'll have to walk.

About a block away from school, a familiar car pulls over. Not putting too much thought into it, I continue to walk away. A yells out "Hey princess! You need my saving again?"


"I don't need saving. Not from you, Not from anyone" I keep walking, trying to avoid him.

"Come on! It's cold outside! You're going to catch a cold" I avoid him again, keeping my pace.

After 5 minutes of him slowly driving behind me and screaming to get in his car. I finally give in.

"Fine! Will you stop fucking pestering me!" I walk toward his car and get in the passengers seat.

When I open the door, the heat from the car hits my face.

Silence fills the car until Ashton asks "Is your sister still mad at you?"

"Yeah, we got into another fight yesterday too" I continue to look out the window

"What for?" He asks

"Nothing" I may be mad at her but I'm not going to tell him she likes him.

Silence fills the car again and I hear Ashton take a deep breath.

"Real or Not Real? Your sister angry for something you did?" He asks

Why did I make this stupid game up? And why did I make the rules so we have to play just so I could be nosy about something?

"Real" I avoid looking at him.

"Real or not real, it was because of something you did?"

"Not real. She thinks I did it" I play with my book bag strap, not looking up.

"Real or not real, she likes me" he smirks

"What?! No! That has nothing to do with this!" I'm not going to tell him my sister likes him... Even though it is one of the reasons why she and I are fighting.

"Don't worry, Malarie told me at a party, when she was drunk" he smiles

Wow such a great friend you are, Malarie.

"Remind me to never tell her anything" I mumble to myself

"Was she mad at you for hanging out with me?" He asks

I don't answer him.

"Real or not real, she's mad at you for hanging out with me. Why?"

"Real. She thinks we had sex."

"Sex? You and I?" He laughs

  "She does know we kinda hate each other right?" He asks

"I don't know what Delilah knows anymore" I say

"Sex with you might not be so bad... If you think about it..." Ashton winks

"Get over yourself" I roll my eyes

We finally get to school, it felt like we were driving for hours.

As he parks I see the girl Ashton stood up for.

"Isn't that-" Ashton cuts me off

"Yes I know the girl I stood up for, that was forever ago, let it go."

Okay then.

"Well bye." I get out of his car and walk to class

I see Delilah, I can tell she's even more angry now, she saw me get out of Ashton's car.

Well shit. I'm going to die. At least I'll be with my mom.... Unless I'm going to hell...

Ashton walks up to me "Thanks for the advice" he walks away

What advice? What the fuck did I say while I wasn't paying attention?

He walks torward Delilah, he says something to her and she nods, he smiles and walks away.

Delilah walks torward me with a huge grin on her face and she hugs me really really hard.

"What did I do?" I ask

She lets go.

"I'm sorry for being a bitch to you. If I would had known you two were planning on how he should ask me out on a date I would've never yelled at you" she smiles

"What?" I ask

"You don't have to act like it never happened, he told me that that was the reason you and him were hanging out the other day, and this morning in the car you were giving him moral support"

"Oh yeah, he told you the whole plan" I smile

I'm just going to act like I know what's going on so she won't make me walk home.

"Well better get to class" Delilah happily walks away with her friends

I slowly walk to class, when I get to the classroom, class had already started.

"Carter Reagan, I expect you to be on time, considering your grades" Mrs. Smith closes the door as I sit down

Mrs. Smith isn't actually that strict as most students think, most students thought that since she was young and pretty she'd be a laid back teacher, but she surprised them by being strict. But if you spend enough time with her you actually find out she is nice and laid back.

"Detention for you Ms. Reagan." She hands me a pink slip

I've gotten to know her over detention, or after school stuff for extra credit. If I'm being honest, I have all straight A's, although I say I'm failing, it's because I have a reputation, I don't want them to think I'm some geek or something.

- After school -

After detention, I walk home the long way because I don't feel like going home and doing my homework.

As I pass one of the neighborhoods, I see Ashton and the nerd girl, they're painting the walls in the garage, splattering paint at each other laughing.

Not secret girlfriend huh?

"I'm totally telling mom!" She laughs

"Go ahead! The older sibling always wins!" I've never seen him actually smile like that. Smile like he's actually happy, yeah, I've seen him smile but it's more of a smirk or a devilish grin.

So they're siblings... Hmm this is good blackmail, he didn't want anyone know he has a freshman sister, why?

My hypothesis, he doesn't want his friends hitting on her, like my brothers friends did on me.

I continue to walk home, when I walk inside I see my sister. She looks sad, I thought she would be all happy considering the fact Ashton and her are going on a date.

"What's wrong?" I ask

"The date" she simply says

"Isn't this what you wanted?" I ask

"Yeah, but people are always saying he's a player and he breaks hearts, what if he breaks mine?" He asks

"Well, he won't, I'll make sure of it."

I know exactly how to use my top secret information on now.

I take out a pencil and a piece of paper, I write a note that says:


I kNoW yOUr SeCreT, mEet mE bEhind ThE ScHOol aT 12:00.

I fold it up and put it in my bookbag.


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