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Today's the night of the party, Heather and I are about to leave her house and go to Ashton's.

When we arrive at his house, there's already a ton of people there, some of them are already wasted.

Heather and I grab some drinks and we start dancing to the beat of the music, soon enough Heather and Brian walk off together, leaving me dancing alone.

"Hey! You made it!" Ashton walks up to me and smiles

"Yeah! Paul canceled his party" I take a sip out of my cup, still dancing to the beat of the sound, "Where's Evie?"

"I don't know, last time I saw her she was with Adam" Ashton yells over the blaring music

"Adam's here?" I ask with a smile forming on my face

"Uh... Yeah! He's here with his girl" Ashton says


"What's wrong?" He asks

"Nothing, nothing. I'll catch up with you later" I smile

I walk into the kitchen, where no one is at and I go into the pantry and pretty much raid it.

"Having fun there?" I hear a familiar voice behind me

"Yeah" I smile while turning to see Adam

"You're going to eat all of this food?" He asks looking at the food on the counter

"Maybe not all of it" I chuckle taking more food out if the pantry

"You having fun?" He asks

"Yeah... I'm just not really in the mood for partying right now" I shrug

"You? Not in the mood for a party?" He asks

"So... Where's your girl?" I ask

"What girl?" He asks

"Ashton said you came here with your girlfriend" I say

"I don't have one, and I'm pretty sure I didn't arrive with one"

"Then why would he-"

"You're really that clueless?" He cuts me off

"He likes you" Adam says in a duh tone

"He's dating Evie, plus if he liked me he probably would've already asked me out, considering the fact he's gone out with so many girls"

"Maybe he started liking you after he started dating my cousin"

"He probably doesn't"

"Do you want him to?" He asks

"I don't know" I sigh

"Well I hope you figure it out, I'm going to find some hot girl to make out with"

And here I am. Alone in the kitchen. I'm not even hungry anymore.

When I walk out of the kitchen, I bump into Ashton.

"Hey" he says

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