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Yeah it's been weeks since I've returned his jacket... I either forgot or when I remembered I was in bed all comfortable, I should've remembered when I was with him, we hang out a bit more, I guess we don't hate each other as much but he still gets on my nerves. We're not friends but we're not enemies.

Thinking of his jacket I might as well get off my lazy ass and return it.

Lucas moved back in, he finished college early I think, he has a job and is helping my sister so I guess he's okay.

I grab Ashton's jacket and walk downstairs.

"Delilah I'll be back"

"Where are you going?" She asks

"I have to return Ashton's jacket" I hold up his jacket

"I'll do it, I don't think it's good for you to hang out with that guy" Lucas says

"What?" I ask

He's only been here a week and he's already bossing me around.

"I agree" Delilah chimes in

"What?" I am truly shocked

"A couple weeks ago you were obsessed with him and now you're agree with the guy that's only been here a week?" I ask

"Well Lucas told me that one of the students at his college knew Ashton, they did drugs together" Delilah says

"You're worried about me doing drugs?" I ask

"Kinda" Lucas shrugs

"Well too bad you're a bit late on that" I give a fake laugh

Lucas looks at me shocked.

"I told you!" Delilah says

"It was only like one time!" Maybe two... but they don't have to know that.

"Were you with this Ashton guy when this happened?" Lucas asks

He's acting like he's a parent or something.

"No. I wasn't, we're not even friends" I'm obviously getting annoyed

"Then why do you guys always hang out?" He asks

"Because Heather is at her dad's house in Florida and I have no one to hang out with"

"If you guys aren't friends why do you hang out?" He ask

He's really pissing me off right now.

"God! Quit asking me these stupid questions! I'm not some little girl! And you're not a parent! I can do things by myself! I have been for a long time and I don't need you to act like some parent!" I burst

"Well how can I not when Delilah tells me you're always getting in trouble at school and going to parties and bringing boys home and having sex!"

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint you! But I'm not like how you were when you were in highschool! I actually want to have fun and make sure my family and friends are okay! I want to be happy!"

"Carter... Just go to your room" Delilah sighs

Lucas really knows how to piss people off! He was probably that kid in school where nobody liked because he was such a fucking smart ass.

- Next Day -

When I get to my locker, Ashton walks up to me.

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