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Ashton's POV

When I get to school I find a piece of paper wedged into my locker, I pull the paper out, I read the piece of paper.

Shit... Which secret? Who the fuck is this person?!? Saying they know shit about me...

- 12:00 -

The lunch bell finally rings.

I get to the back of the school, I see Carter leaning against the wall with a lolipop in her mouth as if it were a cigarette. Once I see her, I calm down a bit.

"Couldn't you just use a real cigarette?" I ask

"I'm quitting before it becomes even more of a habit, but that's not the point..." She trails off.

She pulls out a big tan envelope, with the words "top secret" in her hand writing.

"I should've known it was you! You're the only one who would put random capital letters..."

I'm such an idiot.

She takes out a file, like one that would be in the School's filing cabinets for students.

"Hmm... Let's see... Bethany Emma Hayden, 14 years old, Freshman... Sister of Ashton Hayden" she scans over the piece of paper.

"I wonder why you don't want anyone to know she's your sister?" She asks

"It's not that..." I look down

"Then what?" She asks

"She doesn't want people to know I'm her brother..." I sigh

"Why?" She asks

"She's embarrassed, because of my reputation, she doesn't like how I have the roll of the "badboy" or how I sleep with girls, she thinks she won't make any real friends that way"

She looks at me full of concern, she steps closer to me, then she... Laughs.

That bitch.

It takes five minutes for her to stop laughing.

"Okay... Okay, I'm sorry" she catches her breath

She breaths out "You know, I don't blame her, she kind of has the right to be embarrassed of you. You're a stereotypical bad boy, she's practically living in one of those dumb teenager movies with the bad boy as an older brother who has a huge ego and sleeps with tons of girls and shit, but deep down inside you're actually a guy who has self esteem issues and is afraid of losing everyone in their life and you act selfish but you truely care for your sister and that's the reason why you're doing this for her, you know pretending to not be her brother."

"Yeah, well you're just like me, but a girl..." I inform

"We, are not alike." She denies

"How?" I ask

"I actually own up to my low self esteem, you deny it" she crosses her arms

"Like that makes you better?" I ask

"Anyways... We're getting off point" she leans against the wall

"Okay, so why did you call me here? Besides the whole secret spilling thing?" I ask

"Well... My sister is worried about you being an asshole and breaking her heart, if you break her heart I will make your life a living hell, got that?"

"Oh look at you... Caring for your sister" I smirk

"I-I don't care, I just don't want her blabbing to me about how you broke her heart, then I have to spend days listening to stuff about you"

"Yeah, sure..." "Don't worry I won't hurt your sister, it's just a date."

"You better not." She walks away then quickly comes back and takes the tan envelope.

"Yeah I kinda need that back... I sort of took it out of the principle's office" Then she leaves again.

The rest of the day I go to my classes but I don't pay attention very much, I have to think of a way to make Carter's sister have the best date ever. Or my sister will probably never talk to me again if people find out we're siblings.

When I get home, I knock on my sister bedroom door, she opens her door and let's me in her room.

"So, uh, Bethany, I need some advice" I close her door

She nods her head and I sit next to her.

"So... I'm taking this girl on a date, and since you're a girl, I was wondering... What do you think I should do?" I ask

"What's she like?" My sister asks

"Uh... I don't really know, I haven't gotten to know her that well" I shrug

"Well maybe ask one of her close friends"

"If you don't know what she likes then I can't really help you, because if I help you plan something it might be something she'll hate." She says

"Okay" I get up and head toward the door

"Oh and Ashton..."

I turn around

"That Carter girl you hung out with, whatever you plan, I think she'll like it" she smiles

"Uh... I'm not taking her out in a date, I'm taking her sister..."

"Well that's ironic" she gives a small laugh

"What do you mean?" I ask confused

"It's obvious that you like Carter" she rolls her eyes

"What!? Ew! No! I don't think you've noticed but we pretty much hate each other" I state

"You sound like a five year old" she rolls her eyes, "Is that why you took her to that new restaurant what you and I were supposed to go together?" She adds

"It was out of pity." I state.

Never will I ever like Carter Regan.

"Mhm" she hums unconvinced

"Trust me. It'll never happen"

As I leave her room I hear her mumble "Idiot"

I guess I'll have to ask Malarie. Good thing she's one house down from mine.

I walk to her house and knock on her door.

"Hey Ashers" Malarie's been calling me that since we were little kids, we're kind of close I guess, we grew up together and our parents are friends, she's kinda like a big sister.

"I told you to stop calling me that! I'm not a kid anymore!" I get a bit ticked off

"Anyways, why are you here?" She asks

"So... Delilah is your bestfriend right?" I ask

"Yeah.... So..." She leans against the door frame

"Will you help me plan a perfect date for her?" I ask


"Really? There no catch?" I ask

"If you give her the worst time ever, I will tell everyone the story where you peed the bed" she crosses her arms "when you were 12" she adds

"That was one time! You made me drink a 2 liter bottle of soda and wouldn't let me go to the bathroom!" I argue

"Well if you want to give her the perfect date, take her to the carnival, she told me her ideal date was at the carnival" Malarie rolls her eyes

"Can you leave now?" She asks

I walk back to my house, Bethany was sitting on the couch watching TV when I walked in.

"So where are you taking her?" She asks with her eyes glued to the TV

"Carnival" I walk upstairs


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