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"Carter wake the fuck up!" Ashton pushes me off the bed

"What do you want?!?" I sit up

"You were suffocating me"

My hatred for him is so extreme I was choking him in his sleep? Hm, I could've at least tied him up first.

"How?" I ask

"You were on top of me"

"I'm not that heavy!" I scoff

"The real reason is because you haven't gotten laid in a long time and I was turning you on" I smirk

"Ew no! You will never do that to me! Not in a million years!"

I roll my eyes.

That stupid pillow barrier didn't work.

"I'm hungry" I hold my stomach

"Get dressed, we'll go get some food" he gets out of bed and puts his shirt and jeans on.

We drive to the nearest food place. I didn't really care if I was shoving my face with food in front of a guy who is known as a total hottie, I'm fucking hungry. Food before dudes you know?

"Damn you really are hungry" he takes a bite of his sandwhich

I don't even answer him I'm too hungry, it feels like I haven't eaten for days.

After we eat we head back to the motel to check out. Ashton also calls a towing truck to get Delilah's car. The car ride home was silent, So far it's taking about 1 to 2 and a half hours to get home, I had no idea that's how long I was driving last night, I was just so angry at my brother.

Hopefully he's gone by the time I get home, I don't really want to face him, but I should probably say sorry for being a whinny little bitch, I was acting like a brat, plus I had no sympathy for him when he found out mom is dead.

Ashton drops me off at my house, I say "Thank you" then I walk into my house excepting for Delilah to yell at me but instead she hugged me and told me she was worried about me, then she yelled at me.

"Have you lost your mind?!?" She starts

"You could've been kidnapped! Or something! Thank god Ashton found you! God only knows what could've happened!" She calms down a hit and sits down. Well that was fast.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you I was just angry"

" And Lucas I'm sorry for being a bratty bitch, I didn't mean to say all of those things, it was like word vomit."

"It's fine sis" he gives a small smile


"Remind me to thank Ashton, like I said before, God only knows what would've happened." Delilah smiles

Then my immature side started acting up and I started to laugh a bit.

"What?" Delilah asks

"Yes because we all know Ashton is the most angelic person ever." I laugh

"I mean at least he found you, some perv could've forced you into his car" Lucas reasons

Ashton is a perv and he forced me into his car. He tossed me over his shoulder!

"Well I'm going to my room"

I walk towards the first step, I turn around and say with an evil smirk "Oh and Delilah, you're right, God only knows what happened in Motel 8."

Delilah's face turned red and Lucas' face looked shocked but kind of mad I guess.

I walk upstairs I hear Lucas say "She's a troublemaker isn't she?"

"I was joking by the way! I'd never had sex with Ashton!" I yell from my room

I check my phone for a while until I get bored then I just look around my room looking for something to do. My eyes find a jacket on one of my chairs next to my desk. It's not mine and it's not Heather's, it must be Ashton's. I pick it up and check his pockets, his jacket reeks of him, but he smells really good I must admit.

I know I'm a savage looking through his things but this is what he gets for looking through my stuff.

I find a couple of pennies, five dollars, a lighter, a pack of cigarettes, and a condom, typical him.

I keep the five dollars and lighter and I throw the cigarette pack and condom away.

I should go and return this, I'll do it later. I fold his jacket and put it in my closet knowing I'll remember to give it to him when I find clothes to wear.

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