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Ashton's POV

This morning, I thought we had a new girl, well we did, but no one really paid attention to her when Carter walked in.

Carter had cut her hair! Her hair was just to her shoulders, it wasn't a bob or anything but damn, she looked pretty hot. It mostly turned me on but then I remember it's Carter, and then I got switched back off.

As she was walking down the hall, it were as if everything were in slow motion.

That stupid little smirk she's wearing is practically saying "I know, I Look hot"

She meets up with Heather and soon enough I get over it.

Then I remember we have a new girl, I don't know her name but she's also kinda hot.

"Ashton, stop checking out the new girl, you were literally doing the same to Carter" Brian shoves me jokingly

"Never in my life will I check out Carter Regan" I say

"You just were a couple minutes ago" Brian laughs

"No, I was shocked that she cut her hair" I defend myself

"Okay, sure..." Brian rolls his eyes

"If I wanted Carter–which I don't. I could easily get her." I cross my arms

"Okay yeah... If she didn't hate your guts"

Suddenly the school bell rings and everyone by now is one their way to class, I take my sweet old time.

It's not like I'll be doing anything new in my first core, all we do is read this boring ass book.

I should've watched where I was going because I bumped into that new girl.

"Sorry" she looks at what looks like her schedule

"It's fine, are you lost?" I ask

"Yeah, I need to find room 364"

"That's the class I'm about to go to, come on, I'll take you there"

As we're walking the halls, I start a conversation.

"So... Uh, what's your name?" I ask

"Evie, Evie Rogers" she smiles

"I'm Ashton Hayden"

"Hm... Evie Hayden... I like it" she winks at me

Cocky I see.

"Well this is room 364" I stop in front of a door

As we enter, Mr. Caylen asks me for an explanation.

In the backround some of my friends yell "Because he got the juice!"

I roll my eyes at them as Mr. Caylen turns to shush them.

"She got lost" my hand gestures to Evie

"Very well then, take a seat Ashton. Evie, you will be sitting over here for now." Mr. Caylen points at a desk near the front of the classroom

As time goes by, I couldn't get Evie out of my head, I'm not one hundred percent sure why.

Maybe it's because she's a bit cocky.

Or because she's fucking hot.

Or because I'm adapting feelings for her?

No. That can't be it, I barely know her, I'm probably feeling this way because.... because.... Well I don't know.

"Got something on your mind?" Evie waves her hand in from of me

I look up to see her standing over my desk.

"Oh, it's nothing"

"Come on, class is over, take me to my next class"

I grab my stuff and she gives me her schedule.

Room 292

"Okay, I have a half friend in there, that could probably help you out, I feel like you guys could be friends" I say as we walk down a different corridor.

"Half friend?" Evie asks

"We're kind of like frenemies, we hate each other, but... At times we're friends"

"Okay cool, what's her name?"


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