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We've been following Lucas' car for hours! I have no idea where we're even going.

"I'm bored" I huff, taking my feet off of the dashboard

"At least you're not the one driving, I'm fucking tired"

"Then let me drive"

"No" He says almost instantly

"Okay then..."

"Hey look! He's pulling over!" I point

"Yeah, I can see that, I'm not blind"

He drives into some motel, we wait for Lucas to purchase his room and we watch him go into his motel room.

"Let's go"

We purchase a room, as soon as we walk in, Ashton plops onto the bed.

"God, I'm so exhausted!"

I walk into the bathroom to shower and get changed, when I walk out, Ashton is already asleep on the bed.

I turn off the light and head to the bed.

"Ashton! Move over!" I shove him a bit as I get into the bed

"Shhhh" he mumbles, rolling over on the other half of the bed.

"You're taking up all of the room!" I shove him again

"Yeah, cool, cool" he mumbles again

So here I am laying on the edge of the bed trying not to fall off because of Ashton.

Soon enough I fall asleep clutching to the bed sheets to help me not fall off.

   I'm awoken in the middle of the night with my back aching... I had fallen off the bed...

"Ughhhh" I groan, sitting up.

I look over to see Ashton sleeping soundly.

"Ashton fucking move over!" I practically yell

"Jesus, Carter, chill out" Ashton says half asleep, while moving over

"Such a gentleman" I mumble to myself

I lay in bed next to Ashton unable to fall back asleep.

I check my phone, 6:38 am.

"Ashton, wake up"

"Ashton! Come on!"

He sleeps as if he's dead or something.

"Ashton, I'm naked" I say I'm a dull tone

"What?!?" He jolts up

"Pig" I mumble

"It's not fault I have attraction for you" he shrugs, "Now why did you wake me up!" He groans

"Because I couldn't sleep" I put

"That sounds like a personal problem" he lays back down and covers his head with a pillow

"Whatever, we should see if Lucas left" I get out of bed to peek through the window.

"Ashton! He's about to leave" I say, grabbing my stuff

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