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  When I get to my locker Ashton walks up to me and... Hugs me... What drug is he taking? Can I have some? What?! No! Stop!

"Hey Carter, how are you?" He smiles

"Why are you being nice to me?" I ask truly confused

But then it came to me, the stuff I told him yesterday, he feels bad.

"Ashton, you know you don't have to have pity on me... A lot of people have it way worse than I do... It's not even that bad"

"What are you talking about? We're friends, I'm here for you" he smiles again

"Ashton seriously stop," I say sternly

"Oh thank god! It was killing me! I actually had to call you my friend, and hug you" he sighs in relief, "But I really am sorry for what happened" he says with all seriousness

"Still don't need your pity from something that happened about a decade ago" I shrug, making my way to class

- After school -

Heather is telling me everything about her date with Brian, she keeps going on and on, I kind of zone out.

"Hello? Earth to Carter!" She waves her hand in front of my face

"Oh, um, sorry, what else about the popcorn thing?" I ask

"I talked about that five minutes ago"

"Sorry, I'm just kind of tired"

"I think I'm going to go home" I add

"Okay, I'll talk to you later" she smiles

When I enter my room I see Ashton sitting on my bed.

"You know you should really lock your window"

"Why are you here?" I ask

"I'm bored again" he shrugs

"Well leave, I'm not your entertainment toy" I cross my arms

"Well you could be" he winks

"Ew! Get out!" I open my bedroom door

"No, I can't until after an hour."

"Who says?" I ask

"The teacher, you're my tutor" he smiles

"What? No, I'm not! The teacher didn't tell me" I argue

"Look I have this paper signed" he holds up a paper

"You could've forged her handwriting," I say unconvinced

"Why the fuck would I want to forge someone's handwriting to hang out with you?" He asks

"Okay fine then leave"

"I really need this A though"

"Ugh, what do you need help on?" I sigh giving in

For an hour, I tutor him on World History.

"Wow, who knew you were such a geek?" He asks

"Shut up! I am not!" I push him off his chair

"Well aren't you a little ray of sunshine" I hear him mumble

"Well aren't you a little ray of sunshine" I mimic

"Well I should get going, I'll see you for another tutor session tomorrow" he winks

Does he have something in his eye?!? Why does he keep winking!?

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