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"Real Or Not Real? You stuck up for that nerd, because she's your secret girlfriend" I pass the cigarette to the boy with the dark hair and skinny jeans

"What?" He asks confused

"Come on, it's a game, and each player has to play, or they'll be punished. You also get punished for lying." I inform him.

"Yeah? Well, how will you know if I'm lying?" He raises an eyebrow

"I'll find out sooner or later, if you do."

"Not Real. She's not my girlfriend" he huffs, then puts the cigarette in between his lips

"Real, you stuck up for her. Not real, she's your secret girlfriend?" I ask

"Yeah" he blows out the smoke and passes the cigarette back.

"Hm... Didn't know the badboy cared for nerds" I lean against the brick wall

" And I Didn't know the rebel cared for anything" he smirks

"I don't" I smirk

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