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We're back from Kansas and I got yelled at and I also got grounded...

Lucas also got yelled at for not telling Delilah that he was a father.

Since I'm grounded, that means no phone, TV or parties.

How will I live for the next two months and a half?

I've spent the past few weeks at either Heather or Ashton's house.

Delilah knew that I was going to break the rules so whenever I went to Heather or Ashton's, she would tell their parents to keep a close eye on me....

Ughhh I can't do anything fun! I'm going to die!

At this moment I'm in Heather's room, third wheeling while Heather and Brian make out...

"I'm just going to leave... You guys are grossing me out"

I get no response, I leave Heather's house and I go to Ashton's house.

Ashton answers the door, his hair is messy as if he had just gotten out of bed.

"Did you seriously just wake up?" I ask

He rubs his eyes, moving away from the doorway to let me in.

"Carter! Hey!" Bethany smiles

"Hey Beth!" I smile as Ashton drags me to the stairs

"Where are you guys going?" She asks

I shrug while Ashton says "My room."

"I wanna come!"

Ashton stops in his tracks, causing me to stop.

"No. We're doing adult stuff."

"Ew! You guys aren't going to make out, are you?!?"

"That's the plan" Ashton says, dragging me again.

"Get over yourself! No way" I say

But as soon as Ashton closes his bedroom door, his lips are on mine.

The fuck is up with him?

I don't pull away or anything because One, Ashton is a really good kisser, and Two, I could never get out of his grip.

We sit on his bed, I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him closer to me.

He flips me over so he's on top, just like the night of the party.

By the time Ashton and I were almost half naked, he pulled away from me, with his signature devilish smirk.

"Hey! Why'd you stop?" I ask, sitting up a little.

"I knew you liked me, Carter Ella"

"Me? Like you? No way" I scoff

"Oh really?" He asks

"You could've stopped me at any time" he says

"Because you're a good kisser, but that doesn't mean anything. I'm single! I can do whatever I want"

His smirk wipes off his face.

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