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It's Monday and I'm already tired of this school's bullshit.

I raise my hand and ask if I can use the bathroom, when of course I'm just going to waste my time in there because I don't want to listen to this boring ass lecture my teacher is going on about.

"May I use the bathroom?" I ask in my polite voice.

"Write a pass" My teacher hands me a paper "and no funny buisness, Miss Regan."

I write my pass then I go head towards the girls' bathroom.

As I'm about to turn a corner I hear talking.

"Come on Will! Let's do it! He won't know!" I hear a voice that sounds a lot like Evie's.

I take a peek around the corner.

Yep, that's Evie alright.

"You know of Ashton finds out he'll beat my ass! I can't fucking "date" you anymore"

"He's not going to find out! I promise" Evie kisses him but he quickly pulls away.

"I'm sorry Evie, I can't do this anymore" Will walks away

I start to head back to the classroom because I don't want them to see me.

I should tell Ashton.

When I got into class Mr. What's his face was still lecturing.

"Sorry, there was a long line" I throw my pass in the trash

Haha that rhymed.

"Just sit down" my teacher complains

Damn, who stuck a cactus up his ass?

-Time Skip To Lunch-

I see Ashton sitting with his friends, without Evie, which means she hasn't made it to the cafeteria

"Ashton, I need to talk to you"

"Okay?" He gets up and follows me to a spot in the cafeteria

"You okay?" He asks

"Um... I found out that Evie was cheating on you"

"Ha ha very funny" Ashton rolls his eyes in disbelief

"It's true! I heard them talking in the hallway, then the guy broke it off with her"

"Carter stop lying, gosh! I know Evie wouldn't do that!"

"But she did" I cross my arms

"She didn't, she's not that kind of girl! Can you stop trying to blow everything for me? I actually like her!"

"Okay, fine" I sigh in defeat

It's his heart that'll be shattered, not mine.

I sit next to Heather.

"What was that about?" She asks

"Evie is cheating on Ashton, but he doesn't believe me" I say

"He is quite stubborn, you might have to prove it to him" she takes a bite out of her sandwhich

"But the guy broke it off with Evie"

"I guess you just have to let it go then" Heather shrugs

"I guess, I mean the guy broke it off with her so she's no longer cheating on Ashton"

I should just shake it off.

"I'm going to go and apologize later" I sigh

"You? Apologizing to Ashton?" Heather's shocked expression on her face says it all.

"Well, I did accuse his girlfriend of cheating"

"But she was, but if you want to then it's your choice."


When school is over, and everyone is at lockers, I look for Ashton.

"Hey... Ashton..."

"What?" He says rather rudely

"I'm sorry... For... You know"

His face was almost the same as Heathers: Shocked.

For a while, it was silent. Like he was trying to process everything.


"Oh... Sorry, yeah I- I um... I forgive you..." He awkwardly says

"Mk, cool" I turn back around

"Wait! Carter!"

I turn back around. "Yeah?"

"T-There's a party at my place Saturday, you should come, it's going to be fun"

"Okay, I'll see if I'm available, I might have another party to attend" I tease

I walk away, finding Heather standing at my locker.

"How did it go?" She asks

"Better than I thought."

"He invited us to a party Saturday"

"Us?" Heather asks

"Well of course you're going to go with me, right?" I ask

"Well duh! But he never actually says I'm invited"

"Because he knows you're going to show up anyways"

"You do the same to parties too!"

"Yeah, but I actually avoid going to his parties" I smile

"Apparently not this one" Heather laughs

We walk out of the school and hang out at my house for a while until Heather goes home.

I walk downstairs and find Delilah in the kitchen.


"Hey Carter, can you do me a favor?" Delilah asks

"Can you come with me to the hospital tomorrow?" She asks

"Are you knocked up?" I ask

"No, but you get to skip your last two classes" she tried to convince me

"Okay" I shrug and walk out of the kitchen

I probably should've gotten an explanation but I don't really care, I get to skip class tomorrow.

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