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So Ashton and I are currently making out on the living room couch at my house... This was our second date...

We were originally watching a movie, and I was trying to avoid kissing him. But yeah... It didn't go so well

"Hey! Can you guys not try to have sex on the couch?" Lucas whacks Ashton and I's heads

"We weren't going to in the first place!" I say

"Get a room at least!" Lucas complains

"We're in the living room" I smile

"We'll go into your room" Lucas points to the stairs

"Okay..." I sigh

Ashton and I get up and walk upstairs.

"He basically wants us to have sex" Ashton lays on my bed, patting a spot next to him.

I roll my eyes "We're not going to have sex"

"Why not?" He asks

"Because! We're just not!"

"Plus, my sister and brother are in the house" I sit on my bed, smirking, knowing he can't win

"Then we'll go to my house" Ashton smirks

"Your sister is home"

"She can go to a friend's house" Ashton inches closer to me

"A friend's house?" I ask, moving closer

"Mhm" he hums

Just as we're about to kiss, I get up causing him to fall over.

"Great! I'll call Bethany and see if she wants to come over!" I smile

"That's not what I meant!" Ashton huffs

"At least your sister and I don't hate each other"

"Yeah but you guys don't have to be friends either" he wraps his arms around me

"Come on! We should hang out! The three of us! It'll be fun!"

"What next? Her tagging along for the honeymoon too?" He groans

"That's not a bad idea"

Ashton gives me the I-swear-I-will-kill-you glare.

"I'm only joking" I chuckle, sitting on his lap.

"Can we kiss now?" He whines

"No, you have to go home. Your sister is probably waiting for you"

"Fine" he sighs

"I'll see you later" I kiss his cheek and stand up.

"Tell Beth I said Hey too" I smile

"Beth? You're giving each other nicknames?" He asks

"What? That's that's what friends do"

Ashton rolls his eyes. "Okay, well goodbye"

I hear the front door open and close. Then a knock on my door.


"Hey, Delilah and I were thinking of going to go get something to eat. You wanna join?" He asks

"Sure, why not?" I shrug

I put on my shoes and head downstairs where Delilah and Lucas were waiting for me.

We take Lucas' car to the resturant.

As we eat our meal, it's quiet and a bit awkward. We don't really eat together, we kinda just grab a plate then head off to our rooms.

"So... I have something to tell you..." Lucas start

"I'm going out of town again, I'll be back soon, I promise"


Whenever I ask Lucas where he's going he said its for college or something. Even though he finished it early or something?

But I've always wanted to know because what if he's secretly some famous buisness man and all of that stuff.

"Can I come too?" I ask

"I-It's college stuff"

"I wanna go" I whine



"Awww why not????" I complain

"Because I said no."

"Carter, just listen to your older brother please" Delilah breaths out in annoyance

"Okay mom" I huff out

"So when are you leaving?" I ask


"Why so soon?" I ask

"Why so many questions?" He asks

I playfully stick my tongue out at him.

"Carter, stop, we're at a resturant" Delilah mumbles

"Sorry mom" I roll my eyes

On the way back to the house, I tried convincing Lucas to tell me here he was going but he ignored me.

So, I decided to text Ashton.

C- Hey

A- What?

C- ...Wow, well you're a panty dropper now are you...

A- Sure am! ;)

C- Anyways... I need your help

A- Whatever you need

C- I need your car

A- No.

C- You didn't even let me explain...

A- I don't give a fuck. My car is too precious.

Ugh. Boys these days...

C- Wanna go on a road trip?

A- Where? And why?

C- I need to follow my brother, I want to know where he is going

A- Fuck no! That's fucking creepy!

C- We probably get to share a hotel room together.

A- I'm in

Ashton and I went over everything  we needed to do, like gas money and food and all of that shit.

I told Delilah I was spending the weekend at Heather's and I told Heather to cover for me.

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