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   It's been three weeks... Ashton and I haven't seen each other, haven't spoken to each other or even looked at each other...

If people ask us if we're still dating, we say yes, but honestly, I don't even know if we're telling the truth or not.

Heather and I are having a girls weekend where she and I just go out of town and forget ourselves for a while.

We even have different names and different backstories if anyone asks about us...

Heather is Avery Santos, and I'm Katie Wagner, from Florida, and we're visiting family in Colorado.

"You ready do have fun tonight?" Heather asks, putting on a beautiful red dress she got from this boutique.

"Yeah, in a second"

I put on some heals, Heather and I look at each other in the mirror, I'm wearing a grey strapless dress that hugs my body well.

"We look hot" Heather smiles

I chuckle along with her.

"Come on, let's go have some fun!" I link arms with her

As we walk to a night club, we show the bouncer our fake ID's

"Can you believe that shit actually works!" Heather chuckles as we enter the club.

Heather and I drink the night away and dance, soon she goes to get more drinks.

A first I dance alone but soon someone joins me, I'm not sure who, but I'm too intoxicated to care so I keep dancing.

The guy pulls me into the bathroom, he goes in for a kiss but I stop him from doing so.

"I have a boyfriend"

"I don't care, come on, babe, it's just one night" he kisses my neck

"Sorry, no..." I push him away again.

He looks at me again... His face expression turns into disgust.

"What the actual fuck! You look like you're twelve! Little girl how did you get in here?!?"

"I'm sixteen!" I say offended that he practically called me a twelve year old

"Oh my god! You shouldn't be here! Where the fuck are you legal guardians?!?"

"Oh, they're in the club, living it up" I smile

"Some twisted parents you have! Young lady!"

"You look no older than I am!" I argue

"I'm about to turn twenty! This is a twenty and over bar!"

"Yeah well you're not twenty! You're still a teenager!" I cross my arms

"God, you're so petty" he scoffs

"Are all boys the same?!?" I yell to the ceiling

"Talking about your boyfriend?" He asks

Then the same thing happened with Lillian, I told a random stranger my life story.

"Well shit, you're madly in love with him!" He says

"I am?" I ask

"Sounds like it to me!" He smiles

"I am..."

"About time! If it weren't for me, you'd probably be like this for years!"


"Love is a tricky thing, my friend. I didn't know I was in love until it was too late" he sighs

"But right now, this isn't about me, now you go and find whoever you brought with you and get out of here, and confess you your "sworn" enemy you love him"

"Thank you" I smile

I run out of the bathroom and find Heather.

"Heather! Come on! We gotta go home!"

"Why?" She asks

"I need to tell Ashton that-"

"You love him? About fucking time! We've been waiting since Pre-K!" Heather huffs

"Let's go!"

Heather drove us home safe and sound, thank god! I almost thought she was too intoxicated to drive...

When we get to my house, we plop on the couch and and fall asleep.

  The next morning, well... Afternoon because of my hangover... I dress my best and walk to Ashton's house.

As I'm about to knock on the door, I breathe in very deeply.

This is it.

The second I say it.

My whole world changes...

"Oh... Hey Car-"

"I love you too."




A lot of you are angry I didn't "finish" the book. But this is how I had composed it right from the start. I hope you've enjoyed reading as much as I love writing. Take care of yourself <3

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