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Carter POV

So Heather and I are in our second core and the new girl comes up to us.

"Hey, are you Carter? Ashton told me you'd help me, I'm Evie"

At first I thought, oh she's nice.

But then.

"Yeah I'm Carter, nice to-" she cuts me off

"Okay, we'll get out of my way, I like Ashton, and don't need you to get in my way"

The fuck?

"You can have him" I sigh in annoyance

"If I see you even fucking look at him, I will make your life a living hell, and I don't care how fucking popular you are, your army isn't going to take me down!"

Is this girl delusional or something?

What army?

"Um... Are you okay?" I ask

I'm actually kinda concerned for her and her health.

"I will be when you get out of my way!"

Then she walks off just like that.

Wow, looks like I have another enemy.

"What the fuck just even happened?" Heather asks me

"I have no fucking clue..."

There's no way Ashton would go out with that psycho.

When all of our classes are over, Heather and I leave the classroom, Evie rudely shoves us as we're walking to our lockers.

"Talk about rude" Heather glares at the back of Evie's head as if her eyes were throwing knifes at Evie

"She's new, she's probably just scared and she doesn't want anyone to mess around with her" I shrug

"Why us though? Why would she have the feeling to be mean to us specifically?" Heather asks

"Maybe because of my grand enterance this morning, maybe she felt threatened or something..." I open my locker and put my books inside.

"Hello ladies, whatcha talkin' about?" Brian puts his arm around Heather and smiles

"Nothing special"

"So that means you're not talking about me" Brian smirks

"Oh you're special alright..." I mumble under my breath

"Hey! I heard that!" Brian complains

"So did I" I smile

"So did I" Brian mimics

"So did I" I mimic him mimicking me

This goes on for about 30 seconds until an annoyed Heather shuts our mouths.

She literally shuts them, she puts her hand over our mouths.

Me being the child I am, I lick her.

"Ew! That's gross!!!" Heather pulls her hand away from my mouth and wipes her hand on her jeans

Brian does the same causing her to wipe her other hand on her jeans.

"You guys are so gross! Maybe you two should date instead of me and Brian!"

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