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This morning has been really quiet, I don't think I can stand it, I mean it's the afternoon now and it's as if no one is here. I guess it's because Delilah and I are still not talking so she's laying low. I'm going to take a walk to let her cool off a bit more.

As I'm walking to wherever my feet take me, within thirty minutes, I bump into someone, I look up to see Ashton.

"Well if it isn't Ashton Bryce Hayden" I take out my ear buds.

"Why look so glum Ms. Reagan?" Ashton smiles with that smile almost all of the girls fall for.

"Not your problem" I shrug, putting my earbuds in, walking away from him.

"Carter! Wait!" He tugs on my arm, keeping me from walking any farther.

I turn to face him. I can feel my eyes watering. He's going to ask me what's wrong again isn't he? That's what happens in the movies.

"Nice ass" he smirks.

I should've expected that... it's coming from him after all.

"You're such a dick!" I yank my arm away, stomping away in frustration.

This is exactly why I hate him. Ashton is what you call a self centered asshole who doesn't care for others... Then again... He did help that nerd... So is he half self centered? Or not self centered at all but acts like he is? Perhaps it was just an act of kindness? I don't know.

"I hope you have a nice day!" I hear him yell from far away.

"I hope you get herpes!" I yell back mimicking his tone of voice.

I hear footsteps behind me as if they were running or jogging.

"Carter, wait.. No seriously wait!" Ashton stops me again, again, grabbing onto my arm.

"What do you want you asshole?!?" I turn around, screaming at him.

"What's wrong?" He asks sounding concerned, Ha! He actually sounds like he cares! As if.

"Why should I tell you? You don't even actually care! You probably just want some gossip you can spread around school." I shout at him

"If I didn't care I wouldn't ask" Ashton deadpans.

I take a deep breath.

"I don't need your help" I sit on the curve of the sidewalk, I run my hand through my hair

"Real, or Not Real? You're upset" Ashton sits next to me, "Remember you have to answer, you're the one who made the rules."

"Real" I sigh looking down at the road

"Real or Not Real? You won't tell me why?"

"Real" I look to my left where I see a car driving past us

Ashton gets up and holds out his hand "Come on"

"What?" I ask confused

"It's dangerous to be sitting on the side of the road." He smiles.

I reach for his hand and he helps me up.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"Have you eaten? That new place thirty minutes from here just opened, I want to try it." He smiles again. "So... do you want to go?"

"Uh... sure." I shrug, "You're paying right?" I ask, realizing I don't have my wallet.

"I guess I am now..." He chuckles, shrugging.

I don't get him. One second he's my sworn enemy, the next he's being all nice and smiley... eve his eyes are smiling... he's so weird.

"Ahh that was actually pretty good! Don't you think?" Ashton holds the door open for me as we leave the restaurant.

"Yeah... I guess so." I shrug.

"You didn't like it?" He asks.

"I guess their food just kind of tastes average to me."

"Average? If you were a good critic if hate to have to serve you" Ashton shivers as if he's scared.

A let out a short laugh.

As he walks me home, out of the corner of my eye I can see Ashton staring at me, I turn my head and he quickly looks away.

"Why were you staring at me?" I ask, stopping in my tracks.

"The um...The sun was on your face, it was kinda nice..." He looks at the ground, continuing to walk.

"Oh really? Is Ashton Hayden trying to give me a compliment?" I smirk, catching up to him.

"No" he scoffs

"Sounds like you were" I say in a singsong voice.

"Whatever" he rolls his eyes.

We walk in silence, not knowing what else to say.

"See you at school" He smiles, as I stop in front of my house.

When I enter the house I see my sister sitting dramatically with her stuffed cat with only the desk lamp on.

"Hi Delilah? Everything okay?" I ask

"Where have you been?" She asks

"I went out for a walk"

"With who?" She asks suspiciously.

"No one important" I shrug.

"Oh really? Then how come I saw a boy through the window" Delilah puts her stuffed cat down and stands up crossing her arms.

"Okay fine. I was with Ashton, he told me about his undying love for you" I say with a sarcastic tone.

"Oh haha" she rolls her eyes

"But I really was with Ashton"

"Jesus Carter! Do you have to bang every boy you look at?!" My sister blurts

"Okay... what the fuck..." I scoff.

"Oh come on you probably did it in spite of me because I grounded you!" Delilah rolls her eyes.

"News flash, not everything revolves around you. We didn't do anything! Gosh, Delilah! I hang out with one guy and you think I've slept with him!"

"I thought you hate him! So why are you hanging out with him?!?" Delilah asks

"I hear Ashton hates girls who get jealous easily, you should probably fix that..." I brush past her, not wanting to continue more of this.

I leave my sister in the living room dumbfounded, her jaw dropped, speechless.


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