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Another week has gone by, and it's clear to say, that Evie has taken Ashton from this wonderful world of...

...I don't know, the world isn't exactly 100% wonderful...

Let's just say they are officially dating, it's quite gross, if I'm being honest.

They're always swallowing each other's tongues.

I'm surprised they don't need a baby bib to catch the slobber practically coming out of their mouths.

The worst part, is that Evie thinks she's all that.

Like she's the queen bee, in stereotypical movies.

"Hey Carter, Hey Heather" I look up from my locker

Woah, is Ashton actually away from his girlfriend? That's crazy...


"Would you guys like to hang out with Evie and I tomorrow night, on Saturday? Brian's going to be there too, it'll be like a date night thing"

"Except I don't have a date, I think I'll pass" I close my locker

"Wait! Evie's cousin will be there, I haven't met the guy but Evie said he's really nice, not to mention single"

"We'll be there!" Heather smiles

"Great!" Ashton walks away

"Heather! I don't want to meet some random guy!"

"It'll be fun! Besides whats the difference when you hook up with guys at parties?" She asks

"Fine, but I'm only doing this for you" I sigh

"I'm only doing this for Brian... I don't want to be anywhere near that Evie bitch"

"Well, maybe she's completely different, she could be a lot nicer now that she has what she wants." I shrug

It could be true, maybe.

-Saturday Night-

When Heather, Brian and I enter the house, I see someone I never thought I'd see in Ashton's house...

Adam fucking Miller.

"Ashton, you didn't tell me her cousin was Adam...." I say to Ashton as we're fully walking into the living room

"I didn't know it was him until he showed up!"

"I should just leave" I was abou to turn around but Heather grabs my wrist.

"Carter, do you want me to go with you?" She asks

"If she's going, I'm going." Brian says

"Guys! Come on! All Evie wanted was one of those triple date! Can you please just stay" Ashton whines

"Why not get your other friends to do it?" I ask, obviously ticked off that I have to go on a date with the guy who cheated on me the day after he took my virginity.

"Brian is my best friend, I need him, and Heather is his girlfriend and Heather is your friend so you'd probably tag along"

I sigh in defeat.

"Fine, I will fucking stay, but if I punch your girlfriend or stab her cousin, it's not my fault I was forced to hang out with them"

I follow sit down and avoid eye contact with Adam.

"Hello Carter" Adam smirks

"Hello Adam" I roll my eyes

"Don't you miss me?" He asks

"Of course I don't" I smile

We leave to go to the fair, Ashton and Evie go wherever, Heather and Brian go to play fair games, leaving Adam and I alone, sitting on a bench, in silence.

"So where's Karen Armstrong?" I ask

"Who?" He asks confused, "Oh yeah, her... Let's just say we went our separate ways" he smiles

"You played fuck and dump with her too?" I ask

"Uh... Something like that"

"Doesn't it even bother you that people see you as a complete asshole, or that you can't even have a relationship with someone without breaking their heart? Don't you feel bad?" I ask

"People know me as the heart breaker around my school, I can't just let it be false, it's my reputation"

"Well you can change it, like not break someone's heart and stuff, actually have a relationship that will last long and not break their hearts and you'll have a new one" I say

"I never really thought of that" he shrugs

Suddenly my stomach growls.

"You wanna get something to eat?" Adam asks standing up


We find something to eat, then play some games, it was actually pretty fun, when it was time to meet back up with the others, Adam and I were sharing some cotton candy on a stick. I kind of forgot about what he did to me.

"You bought her cotton candy?" Ashton asks

"Yeah? It's her favorite fair food" Adam takes a piece off of the stick

"Yeah, I know, she told me once." Ashton says

I can still tell that they still hate each other, even though Adam could possibly be Ashton's cousin in law or whatever, but not all family likes each other.

"Come on, let's get in the car, it's getting cold" I break the tension between them

As Ashton and Evie are in the drivers and passengers seat, Adam, Heather, Brian and I were discussing our night at the fair.

"It was so fun! We should totally do this again!" I smile

"Yeah! That'll be great!" Heather laughs

"I'll be there, there's no way I'm going to miss out some fun, just text me when" Adam tells me

"Yeah, babe, you need to tell me too" Brian says to Heather

I'm the first to be dropped off at my house, Adam walks me to the front door as the red wait in the car.

"So... Uh, I had fun" I smile

"I'm really sorry on what I did to you, I really am" he kicks a small rock on the ground

"It's okay, I'm over it" I shrug

"But really, we should hang out again" he steps closer to me

"I had a lot of fun, spending time with you" by now, one of his arms are around my waist and we're really close.

He holds up my chin and looks into my eyes, he inched closer and closer.

I back away as he's almost to my lips.

"I learned from the last time and I will not repeat it again. We will stay as friends, it's best that way" I give a generous smile

I kiss him on his cheek and enter my house.

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