He Gets Jelous

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Raph: You were getting ready for a date with Raph. It's pretty late but you were okay with that. The date was taking place in the park so you decided for protection you'd take your dog. Your (dog breed),(dog name), started wagging it's tail when you grabbed the leash from the door knob of your closet. You smile at (dog name) and attach  the leash to his/her collar. Grabbing your light jacket and wallet you head out the door (dog name) close behind. You slowly make your way to your guys' normal meeting spot in the park. It was a really large tree that was right by the river. It was gorgeous and a super romantic spot, especially for a night like tonight. The stars were out and the moon full and kindly sharing its light with the night sky. You look up at the sky , sighing happily as you and your bundle of joy kept walking along to your destination.  You arrive at the park and sit at a bench close by to the meeting tree. Reaching down to pet (dog name), you start baby talking him/her. "Who's mommy's favorite? You are!" you exclaim as the dog starts wagging his/her tail and licking your face in excitement. You jump as you hear rustling from the tree, followed by something, or someone, hitting the ground with a grunt. You hold (dog name)'s leash tightly as he/she starts to growl at the mass on the ground. Softly smiling, you loosen up as you realize it was just your handsome turtle boyfriend. He stands up straight and smirks at you, quickly changing his expression to a helpless puppy face. "I thought I was mommy's favorite.." he whined, hugging you gently. You chuckle as you sit back on the bench. "Yes you are. But he/she's my favorite pet dog. You're my favorite turtle person" you explain to Raph as he takes a seat next to you. He just smiles brightly at you as you both stand up and start walking . "Good " he laughs as he kisses your cheek and you guys continue your walk to the manhole to finish off your date at the lair.

A/N:  Hey guys! I know it's been awhile but I have had so much going on. But I'm very excited to be back (by somewhat popular demand) and I'm very excited to be started and continuing some stories so I hope you all are ready and I will keep writing for you guys! Btw..86.2 thousand people are reading this story or have read this story. That is incredible!! Thank you guys so much. I don't write for nothing. I do it to share my fantasies with people who think the same things that I write about. To give myself and others an outlet from the real world. It's been such an experience for me to get your guys' opinions about my writing and it's been helping me to grow as a writer. So I appreciate you guys a lot. Thank you so much. Lots of love to you all!! On with the story.

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