He says something in Japanese

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Leo: "Zutto issho-ni itai".
He tells you this everyday but you never understand so you looked it up on Google and you couldn't stop blushing.
(I want to be with you forever)

Raph: "Iroppoi"
You were practicing your dance routine in the secret part of the sewers you two always go to and let's just say there is ALOT of hip action. He ended up getting a glimpse and whispered that in your ear. You asked Leo what it meant and he told you while holding back laughs.
(You're sexy)

Donnie: " Hana no youni kirei"
You were in the lab helping Donnie. You were in shorts and a tanktop with a lab coat over working on Donnies latest expirement. He could not take his eyes off of you so he hugged from behind and said something in your ear. You smiled and said "thank you"
(You're as beautiful as a flower)

Mikey: " Anata o zettai tebanashimasen"
You two were cuddling and watching a movie one day when all the sudden you find yourself crying. "Dont ever let me go" you whispered to Mikey. He wiped the tears away and whispered that back in response.
(I will never let you go)

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