You Find his Baby Pictures

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Leo: Lying around in yours and Leos room you were getting bored scrolling through your phone. So you decided to get up and clean your room. You started over by the nightstand Leo had in the very corner of the room that had a pile of papers and comics on it. You grabbed a small plastic bin and a couple folders and got to work on the pile. About half way through the pile, a small box fell onto your lap. You looked at the box and read the bold letters on the top of the box. "LEOS BABY PICTURES" it read. "Oh Im so looking at these." You giggled as you open the box digging through the pictures. You found one in particular that you absolutely loved more than the rest. It was Leo with two wooden katanas and he was chewing on one of them >.<. It was literally one of the cutest pictures of him youve ever seen! You were snapped out of your thoughts with a certain turtle clearing his throat. "Hey Leo. How goes it?" You asked, scrambling to put the pictures away and manage to sneak that one at the same time without him noticing but you epically failed. "Whatcha got there Y/N?" Leo asked getting closer. "What? Me? Oh nothing. Its nothing. Just my shell phone." You scrambled to find an excuse blowing your cover. Leo pulled you in for a bear hug and stole the picture from your hands. "Why do you have one of my baby pictures?" He asked with a slight chuckle. "I wanted to do something special with it as a surprise...but you kinda ruined that idea." you huffed. He handed the picture back and smiled. "Keep it." he said kissing the top of your head. "Really?" You asked. "Yea. But I want one of yours. And next time....just ask." He said. "Okay. Youll have one tomorrow." you said pulling him into another hug. "Thank you." you said as you left the liar. "No problem." Leo said waving.

A/n: Hey guys! I havent really said anything in a while but I wanted to thank you again for reading my story. Or at least adding. Keep them requests coming please! They help alot and I do get around to them. Also sorry if this sucked a little bit. I ran out of ideas on how to finish it. :-/. Itll get better. One more thing! School will be starting soon so I wont be posting as much as I have been but I will try my best to have one up every Saturday or Sunday maybe on the weekdays if I have time. K? Cool. Love you guys <3. Thanks again

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