He Gets Jealous

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Donnie:  You were sitting in the lab, working on a quick and easy cure for what they call "the kissing disease", aka mono. As you were mixing the chemicals and healing aspects of the mixture, Donnie walks into the lab, subtly giving you funny looks now and then. Scribbling the ingredients down as you go, you lightly whisper to yourself as you start mixing these two substances into a beaker. "This should turn a light blue color" you say to yourself as you slowly introduce the two substances to each other, your eyes growing as the color you just predicted comes through. You slowly and gently set the beaker on the counter and scribble down your findings as Donnie watches, absolutely flabbergasted by your findings. You call your friend, who happens to have mono, and ask her to meet you at the park. You notice Donnie sitting at the table, his cheeks flushed red. You giggle and kiss him on the cheek lightly. "Would you like to assist me in the experimental process to see if this cure to mono does what it's intended to do?" you slip out in one single breath. He just chuckles and stutters out a yes as he gets up, taking your hand and leading the way. You smile as you and Don make your way to the river bank to meet this friend of yours. Looking over to Donnie as you signal for him to go incognito, your friend approaches you and waves. You tell her about the serum and what it should do if she drinks it.  She nods conqueringly and holds out her hand asking for the serum. You begin to explain to her that the mixture should be taken with water and it should help with cure her symptoms completely in about two days. She smiles and hugs you, giving you her thanks and you both share your goodbyes as you walk away. Donnie catches up and takes your hand. "That's pretty amazing that you came up with a cure for something so commonly caught" he exclaimed as you lingered in the shadows, making your way back to the lair. You shrugged and grinned, "It was quite the challenge, but it was pretty fun overall". He smiled and squeezed your hand lightly, glancing at you and nudging your shoulder. "I'm almost jealous.." he chuckles, giving you a quick kiss and lifting the manhole cover for you. You smile and laugh lightly as you pat his shoulder and slip into the darkness of the sewer.

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