Texting Him/Asking you out

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Leo: Sitting on your bed, you were twirling your paper made ninja star in your hand. You accidently throw it at the ceiling getting it stuck in there when you hear your phone go off.

Leo: Hey its Leo from yesterday.

You: Hey Leo its Y/N. You got the right number.

Leo: Good I thought I had the wrong one.

You: What's up?

Leo: I wanted to know if you could me on the rooftop.

You: sure.

You went up on the rooftops and smiled when you saw Leo sitting at the edge. He stood up and walked over to you. "Will you go out with me?!?!" He spit out so quickly spit got on your face. You laughed and shook your head. "Sure.....why not?"

Raph: Sitting on the rooftop you take in a deep deep breath as the wind carries you the smell if pizza. Your mouth starts to water and you can barely resist the smell. "Uncle Tony's place" you said to yourself remembering your Uncle Tony. You stand up and start running to the address. As soon as you got there your phone went off. It was Raph.

Raph: Hey good looking.

You: Watch yourself boy.

Raph: What u up to?

You: Gettin some pizza from my Uncle Tony's pizza place.

Raph: Year I can tell.

You: What do you mean?

Raph: Turn around.

You turned around only to see the one and only Raph. He came up to you and smirked. "What ya getting?" You smiled. "Pepperoni and Sausage." Raph gave you the slightest smile and then blushed. "Y/N I want to know if you would go out with an attractive turtle such as myself?" He says. You jump down and look up at Raph. "Hold on a sec" Raph waved as you walked inside and back out with five steaming hot pizzas. "Yes" Raphs face went from smirking to surprised. "What" he said. "I said Yes." You smiled so close to doubling over in laughter. Raph took the pizza and set it down before crushing you in a back bending hug.

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