Three words

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Leo: You were sitting on the couch watching tv while Leo trained in the dojo. You suddenly grew bored and decided to go train with him. You walked in and looked around. There he was using his katanas to attack the dummy on a stick. "Hey Leo." You say as you grab his other two Katanas from the rack of weapons. "Hey beautiful." He says giving you a dashing smile. You grabbed the wrapping for your hands and feet so you could practice with the punching bag as well. Wrapping the wrap around your wrists and hands along with your feet and ankles you glanced at Leo every few seconds. You watched as his muscles flexed when he swung his Katanas toward the dummy. You grabbed the extra set of katanas and walked over to the other dummy right next to Leo. He did what you were doing a couple of seconds ago. Every few strikes he would give you a sideways glance. Finally when you were nice and warmed up you walked over to the punching bag and started hitting it. You kicked and hit and kicked and hit and hit and kicked and hit and kicked, grunting almost every time. The last kick sent the bag flying towards the wall. Suddenly you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist. "I love you." Leo whispered in ear.

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