You use his weapons/ you or him blush

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A/N: Hey! Ik u guys don't like to read me blabbering so I'll make this quick. If you like these bundle sorta dealios leave a like so Ik whether or not to continue like this. K bye!

Leo: You were on the couch of the dojo reading a story on your phone.....until you heard grunting.  You got up and followed the sound. Well in a room just outside the living room there was a giant tree growing out of the middle of the floor. Along with that a couple of racks of weapons. In the middle of all that a Leo. You watched Leo practice some different stances. You zoned out until you heard clearing of a throat. "C'mere." He said softly. You walked over and he took you in his arms and turned you so you were on his plastron. He takes his sword and places it in your hands. "Slowly" he says as he guides your arms where to go and how to move and all that. Once your done with the stance he pipes up again. "Ya know Y/N just a little more training and you could use these." He said putting his katanas away. You blush majorly. He chuckles and hugs you.

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