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Mikey: Video gaming was yours and Mikeys thing. You were getting the game ready while Mikey was popping popcorn. You were winning the fuel between your characters when you noticed Mikey looked frustrated. You stopped to make sure he was ok but you were taken by surprise when he had thrown his controller. You dodged it but when you looked at him again he was about 40 feet tall and had busted through the roof. The floor was cracking and Mikeys voice had become super deep and creepy.  He was yelling at you and you couldn't take it. You were sobbing as the floor was collapsing. You just sat there and slid to your death.

You woke up in a panic. You were sweating and breathing heavily. You felt around for Mikey but quickly realized you were still home. You packed a bag and slid into the night. Heading straight to the manhole you slid off the cover and carefully went down into the darkness. You arrived at the lair and caught Leo on the couch quietly watching Space Heroes. You whispered to him and he smiled. That smile quickly faded when he saw your red puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks. "Are you alright?" He asked. You just shook your head and asked for Mikey. He told you he was in your guy's room and you headed quickly made your way down the hall. You opened the door to see your orange masked boyfriend sleeping.  You carefully nudged yourself into his arms and sighed with relief as you relaxed. It was a few minutes after you laid down that Mikey snuggled you closer. You quickly fell asleep shortly after that.

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