When you use his weapon/you or him blush

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Mikey: You could hear him from his room. "LOOK OUT!!" Mikey screamed. He was playing Fnaf and he was bombing it. You decided you would go downstairs and see what was going on. "Nonononono press the button press the button. AHHH!!" You heard him practically screaming. Finally you came to the living room. "MIKEY! Could ya quite down?" You said as you walked over to him. "Sorry Angel cakes." He said innocently. You sat down next to him and watched. After a couple minutes you got bored tho. "Mikey? Can we go do something? Let's go battle in the dojo. Nunchuck to Nunchuck?" His face brightened. "Let's go. You're on!" He said closing the laptop and jumping up. You went into the dojo and picked up Mikeys spare set of nunchucks. Mikey grabbed the other ones and got into position. "Go!!!" Mikey yelled and whipped his Nunchuck chain thingy at you. It wrapped around your waist and started retracting towards Mikey. He tackled you as soon as you got close enough and the chain retracted all the way. Then you started laughing. "Mikey-s-stop!" You laugh when you realize it was him tickling you. "Say I win" he said. "I win" you repeated. "Noooo Mikey wins" he says. "Mikey wins" you said. "Good" he laughed. Your face was red from all the laughing. Mikey got up and helped you to your feet. "Let's go snuggle and read comics" he said dragging you with him.

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