He Gets Jealous

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Mikey: "AHHHHH, NOOOOO" you laugh, as Mikey throws yet another blue shell at your character. You sit there with a very sad look on your face as Mikey passes you and crosses the finish line. Mikey laughs and throws his hands in the air, tossing his controller to one side. You sit and pout for a moment, waiting for him to apologize. You fight a smile as you notice his eyes wander to you, staring you down like the barrel of a gun. He takes you in his arms and starts kissing your face playfully. Squirming and laughing in his arms, you manage to push yourself out of his grasp. You grab your controller and glace at him. "Another round?" you ask, giving your best puppy face. Mikey smiles and grabs his controller, "game on angel face". He sets up the match at Rainbow Road-which neither of you have EVER won- and picks Yoshi. You pick your classic Peach and move on with the game. It plays the introduction and you get started, fist pumping the air when you get the beginning boost. This is it. The final round. You're in first. Mikey's struggling to maintain fifth. You're so close to the end you can see it. You look at Mikey as he sticks his tongue out in concentration. You throw your hands up in the air as you cross the finish line, maintaining first place, and officially winning all privileges of saying you were the first in the relationship to rock Rainbow Road. Glancing over at Mikey, you laugh as you see the sad expression you were just showcasing earlier, only on his face this time. You smile and give him a kiss on the cheek, signifying your apologies, and hug him tightly. "I win" you say smugly into his shell. He chuckles and wraps his arms around you. "I KNOW!! That's so bologna. I had it by the second round and you took it. And you beat rainbow road for the first time...BEFORE ME!" he exclaimed. You laugh and look him in the eye. "Awe is someone jealous?" you tease, lightly pinching his cheek. "A little.." he says, blushing a bit. You laugh and hug him tighter as he leans back and plays with your hair. You doze off with a huge grin on your face as Mikey attempts to win at Rainbow Road by himself, so he knows he won't be beaten by you again.   

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