You get Kidnapped

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Raph: You and Raph were chilling in his room, reading magazines and comics. Suddenly Raph broke the silence. "Wanna go rooftop jumping?" you looked at him and shrugged. "Sure. Why not?" You sighed getting up and dressing in some warmer clothes. He grabbed his sais just in case and you did the same. "GUYS!! Y/N and I are going to run the rooftops." Raph yelled through the lair. "K." Leo yelled back. You and Raph headed out. You two climbed the fire escape and took off from there. About an hour went by before you heard a blood curdling scream. You stop in your tracks only to see a woman being dragged by a familiar figure. "Slash?" you whispered to yourself before Raph caught up to you. "Slash?!" Raph asked as well. You two gave each other a look and jumped down to the mutant. You jumped on Slash's back and wrapped your arms around his bulging neck in attempt to slow him down. Raph helped the lady escape. Slash struggled to get you off but he eventually did, and when he did it was painful. You flew off his back and smacked into the concrete wall. "Y/N!!!" Raph screamed as he continued to fight. Your breath left your body and you couldnt feel anything. You sat there against the wall defenseless and weak. Raph was also thrown to the side and everything happened so fast. Slash came running up to you and snatched you from the ground. He threw you over his shoulder and laughed. "Now I have something extremely precious to you. If you want her, you'll have to come find her." Slash said chuckling. You looked at Raph and gave him a worried look before mouthing "Tphone. Track it down" and Slash was off. Raph looked horrified as Slash carried you away. He looked at his Tphone and picked it up. Looking back in the direction you were carried off in, Raph sighed and headed for lair.

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