Cuddles into Tickle Fights

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Leo: His strong muscular arms wrapped around your waist, hands resting on your stomach. Leo always got so intrigued in Space Heroes, even re-runs. You on the other hand didn't like re-runs. You knew what was gonna happen already so there was no fun in it. You couldn't stop fidgeting in Leo's arms though. "Y/N? You ok?" He asked. "Yea." you responded finally finding a comfortable position. Leo chuckled as your shirt raised a little showing your side. "Boop!" he said poking your side. You twisted giggling before grabbing his hand. "Boop!" he said again doing the same thing. You also did the same thing grabbing his other hand. Now you had both of his hands. "Hey....." "Hmmm?" You said looking up at him. "Tickle Fight" he said in your ear kissing down your neck making you giggle again. Leo pried his hands from yours, tickling your sides and stomach, making you squirm. "No! Leo stohahahop!" you reached behind you sticking your hands in his armpits making him squirm, laugh and stop tickling you. He squirmed and giggled. "Y/N! Stop!' Wrapping his arms around you he started scribbling over your sides again. "NOOOO!" you yell, falling into a laughing fit. His hands travel up to your armpits causing you to squeal and fall off the couch. Finally after what seemed like forever, Leo stops and kisses your nose. "I win" he chuckles.

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