Tickle Fight into makeout session

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A/N: These are like a continuation of the cuddle into tickle fight requested by a fellow lovely of mine. Names will not be said bc I didn't get an okay for that but u know who u r. XP. Enjoy!!

Leo: You were still laying on the floor and Leo was still on top of you. You smiled at him and tucked your legs in and pushed him off of you. He landed on the floor by the couch and tried to get away from you as you tried to grab for his foot. He grabbed your arm instead and tickled your armpit. You curled up in a ball of laughter as Leo continued. He got up and ran to your guyses room. You were quick to get up and follow. You made it as he tried to close the door. You pushed your way in but he was hidden. "Haha very funny Leo. I know you're in here." You said. You turned around and noticed the door was moving the other direction as if somebody attempted to close it. You smiled and walked out. "Well I guess he isn't in there." You got up on the ledge above your door and continued. "Ill just go to the livingroom and watch Space Heroes." You said, smiling as he walked out of the room. You watched as he exited the room and made your way down to the floor to creep up behind him. You whisper seductively in his ear "Gotcha" and kiss his neck. He chuckled deeply before letting out a bit of a moan. He turns and picks you up and you guys head into the bedroom ;-).

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