You Get Kidnapped

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Donnie: You were out doing the usual. Yup that's right. Searching for equipment in the kraang junkyard. Donnie couldnt come with you this time though. He had discovered a breakthrough in the expirement he was studying. You pulled out your T-phone due to the vibrations caused by the text Donnie sent. "Hey babe. Almost done. Make sure you get home safe." You smiled thinking of how sweet Donnie is. Suddenly a bright light blinded your vision. Then purple rays flew past you. You swiftly made your way into the junk pile you were recently digging through and texted Donnie back. "THAT MIGHT TAKE ME A WHILE!!!" you hit send and put the phone in your pocket and exited the pile. You looked around and saw a clear way to run. You made your moves short and fast as you fought your way to the opening. Suddenly
a sting shoots through your neck. You feel where the pain came from and discover there is a dart lodged into your neck. You pull it out and see the feather on it is red which means its a sleepy time dart. The world starts to spin and your body grows limp. You fall to the ground and your phone lays in front of you. The messages from Donnie were flooding in until they were just your name in all caps and question marks. Then your vision fails to maintain itself. You manage to type a small lettered "help" and send it to him. You spirit seems to leave you as you're picked up amd carried off into the kraang warehouse, the peice you found for Don and your phone still lying on the ground.

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