He hits you

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Mikey: You guys were playing video games in the liar with pizza boxes surrounding you as you were having a tournament. The score was 107-23. Yup you were winning and yes you guys have been there for ages! Mikey was starting to get a little mad however. He's never been beaten by anyone and especially not a girl. This is where things got a little rough. You won again and Mikey snapped. "YOURE CHEATING!! YOU HAVE TO BE!!" He screamed and stood up kicking the pizza boxes. "Mikey calm down. I'm not cheating. This game is so easy." You laughed which made him even more mad. "ITS OBVIOUSLY NOT EASY! IM LOSING MY TITLE TO A GIRL!" He screamed. This was making you mad. "Mikey you need a break. Lets go visit ice cream kitty." You said getting up and walking towards him. "NO we are gonna keep going until I win." He yelled. "No more games Mikey you really need a bre-" "I SAID SIT!!!" he screamed grabbing your arm and yanking you down. Your leg snapped and your arm popped out of its socket. "OW! MIKEY IM NOT-" his hand made contact with your soft skin. The tears started to stream as his grip on your arm tightened and he lowered his face to your ear. "Controller. Now." You yanked your arm out of his grip and went to Donnie's lab your arm dangling as you had no control of it. "Donnie." You said barely above a whisper. He looked up at you. You limped towards him as he gave you questioning look. You explained what happened and said your thanks as he helped you. "Im gonna go. Give that bastard time to cool off. See ya later." You said as you walked out of the lab and out of the liar. Back to your house for a movie marathon.

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