Cuddles turn into Tickle Fights

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Raph: You were sitting in yours and Raphs room reading up side down again. Raph was training and you couldve sworn this has happened before. Raph walked in and chuckled. "What?" You asked. "Youre too cute." He said smiling at you. You smiled at him and fixed yourself so you were laying on the bed correctly. "Come read with me." You said like a five year old asking for a bed time story. Raph came over and laid behind you wrapping his arm around waist, head on shoulder reading along with you. "Is this a new one?" He asked. "Yea. I just got it from the market up the road from the subway." he nodded slightly. Suddenly you felt him nuzzle his head further into your neck. You giggled quietly before gently pushing his head away from your shoulder. "Whats wrong babe?" Raph asked with a slight smirk. You gave him a playful look. "Knock it off Raph. Not cool". His head returned to your shoulder and you went back to reading. His head burrowed further into your neck again and you laughed, getting off the bed and leaving the room. You heard the door open and close again and you started sprinting down the hall. You ran through the living room and into the dojo. Raph was close behind and you could hear him come into the dojo as you climbed the tree. You silently sat in the tree until you saw Raph run out and to Donnie's lab. Out of the tree and out of the lair you ran through the sewer. Foot steps followed you again and before you knew it you were being carried back to the lair. "NO RAPH!! DONT!!!" You half screamed half laughed. You were carried back into your room and the torture continued until you both fell asleep cuddled up into a ball. Youve never seen this side of Raph but you kind of liked it.

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