First date/ meeting his family Donnie

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You were sitting on the bench in the alley Donnie was meeting u at. "Psst" you heard from the rooftop above you. "Hey" you said. "You look gorgeous." Donnie said smiling showing his gap. "Thanks." You smile. "Shall we go?" He asked holding out his arm. "We shall" you said taking his hand as he flung you over his shoulder and onto his shell. He ran up the fire escape and jumped the roof tops. He stopped and jumped down into an alley. He opened a manhole and whispered "In you go" as he pulled you off his and lowered you into the sewer. "It smells down here. Why are we down here?" You asked. "Wait and see" he said kissing your cheek making you heavily blush. He grabbed your hand and walked and walked and walked and walked.....until you reach a lighted area. "Home sweet home" he said walking you through the rooms. Then you hear a gasp and.....metal? Donnie whips around and shouts "LEO NO!" You see a blue masked turtle running at you with katannas. As soon as he reaches the perfect distance you simply step out of the way. He rams into the wall. "That's Leo." "What about that one? Or that one? Or the giant rat?" You ask pointing your finger at everyone of them. "Raph Mikey and Master Splinter" Donnie introduces. "Cassiah" you say nodding to the boys and kneeling before Master Splinter and bowing your head. "You may get up my child. You have a good one my son" Master Splinter says before walking away. You walk with Donnie in his lab to continue your date.

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