Cuddles into Tickle Fights

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Mikey: You were having a movie marathon with Mikey tonight. You had the popcorn and snuggled up on the couch waiting for Mikey to finish the milkshakes (he did NOT use ice cream kitty. Dont worry.). Mikey finally cam out and asked "What movie do you wanna watch first?". "I dont know what movie do you wanna watch first?" you said smiling. "I dont know what movie do you wanna watch today?" he said back in a silly voice. You both looked at each other before yelling "SPONGEBOB REFERENCE!!!!" breaking out into a fit of laughter afterwards. "Lets watch this one." He says with a devilish grin before coming over and snuggling up to you. "What one?" you asked. Mikey showed you the case and your stomach twisted into thousands of knots when you read the title. "Paranormal Activity 4? Really?" You said getting a little nervous. The movie started and you snuggled closer to Mikey. He chuckled a little before poking your side. "Scared?" Mikey asked before poking your side again practically feeling the smile that was slowly appearing on your face. "Mikey......stop." You said pretending to be interested in the movie. "Are you scared?" He asked again this time instead of poking your side he started drawing patterns on your stomach and sides. You squirmed a little before letting a small set of giggles escape your slightly parted lips. Thats when Mikey pulled you closer to him and started full on tickling you. You couldnt help it. Your laughter filled the whole lair before everyone came walking in to make sure you guys were ok. All they saw was you and Mikey on the floor laughing. The movie marathon didnt last due to the energy drain from the tickle fight, but you still had fun.

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