You get Kidnapped

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Leo: It was a normal day for you and Leo. You were watching as Leo trained. Suddenly there was a loud crash and Mikey screamed. You and Leo immedeatly went out to the living room to see non other than Krai and some droids. Leo got into fighting stance and charged at Krai. You started shredding metal along with Raph Mikey Donnie and Splinter. One of the droids hit Mikeys head and he passed out. You looked over at Leo and Krai and Leo was struggling to maintain dominance over the fight. Shredder went to his aid leaving you Donnie and Raph to fend the droids. Leo went down and Splinter took over. Raph got his ankle twisted pretty bad and he fell down. Krai looked at you then Leo then Donnie. She smirked and grabbed a ninja star. Krai tossed the star at a slanted part of the ceiling and you all watched as the star went flying around the room. It bounced off Leo's katana and hit off Donnies staff. You heard a short low wince off pain and felt a sharp pain in your leg. You look down at your leg only to see red liquid running down your leg and the star wedged in the fresh cut. Suddenly another sharp pain shoots through your other leg. Another star was nestled in your skin. "NO!!" Leo and Donnie yelled at the same time. A warm feeling ran through your body as you feel a small poke in your shoulder. The sound of metal on metal slowly faded as darkness robbed you of your vision and your limbs grew numb. "Goodnight Girly." Karai whispered as your body was dragged away.

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