Cheater Cheater

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Leo: You were sitting in the living room while Leo and the rest of the turtles were training along with April and Splinter. You were lost in the book you were reading as the music from your earbuds floods your ears. Smiling and taking a deep breath you read on until the dojo door swings open and the turtles come out. Three of them at least. April Splinter and Leo were still in there. You heard April grunting as she swung her fan around, performing the kicks correctly. Splinter bows and leaves the two to their lonesome, joining you and the others in the kitchen. You smile and wave at Sensei as he walks in, taking a slice of pizza. Leo points to the door leading to the living room and sighs, "better join (Y/N)-". He was taken back when April pushed him over and pinned him by placing herself on his plastron. Leo blushes deeply and stutters. "A-april i really..". Hes cut off when he hears your gasp from the doorway. With your hand clamped over your mouth and tears forming in your eyes, you take off into the sewer tunnels with Leo's favorite hoodie. You wipe the tears from your eyes and sniffle as you collapse down the sewer wall, giving in to your emotions. Softly putting your face in your hands, you feel eyes burning holes through your hands. You look up to see Leo with a concerned look on his face and his hand extended out to you, silently offering you help. You look away in disgust and scoff. He frowns and sits beside you, taking you in his arms. You give up and start crying into his plastron as he rubs your back and kisses your cheek, wiping the tears falling down them. "Its not what it looked like. I told her I was going out to be with you...and she pushed me down hun. She climbed on top of me. I thought she was just training until she leaned down. She didn't kiss me but she sure as hell tried" he said, looking down at you with sad eyes. You hugged him like there was no tomorrow and kissed him deeply and lovingly, taking him by suprise. You two made up and headed back to the dojo. April was gonna find out exactly what happens when you fuck with your love like that. She was gonna regret it.

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