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Donnie: You were in your room. You heard loud banging on the door a couple doors down. It kept moving from door to door. You quietly moved you way to the closet where Donnie had instructed you to hide. Foot bots had broken into the house and began searching for you and Don. You heard Donnie start kicking butt until you heard him scream your name. "Y/N!!! RUN!!" He screamed as he was outnumbered by bots. You ran out of the closet to be confronted by Donnie who was kneeled down and pinned by foot bots. He was bloody as hell and you could barely stand to see him like that. The foot bots picked him up and put a knife to his throat. "The one known as Donnies lover shall witness his execution." A foot bot said. You screamed as the knife slickly cut the skin over Donnies throat. He made a choke sound and slumped to the ground. You screamed and cried hugging his dead carucs.

"Y/n.....honey wake up" Donnies voice beat in your eardrums. You were still clinging to him as you woke up. Your eyes were blood shot and your voice was extremely raspy. You just looked at Donnie and began sobbing again. He just hugged you and soothed you until you calmed down enough to tell him what happened.  Once you told him he was slightly terrified at the extreme graphic details. He just softly hummed for you until you fell asleep again. He would have to look into some soothing techniques for next time.

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