Three Words

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Mikey: You were in Mikeys room jamming out and reading a comic. Yea...I know what your thinking. The squirlinoids are back and right now scaring the shitaki mushrooms out of you. You kept reading until the squirlinoids came out of the dudes mouth. That made you gag and throw the book at the wall. You ran down to the living room where you saw Leo sitting on the couch watching Space Heroes. "Hey Leo. Where's Mikey?" Leo pointed to the dojo not saying anything or taking his eyes off the Tv. You ran to the dojo to see Mikey and Donnie still fighting. You ran in between them and hugged Mikey. "Whats wrong Angel cakes?" He said dropping his weapons and hugging you back. :
"Squirlinoids." You said and nestling closer to him. "Youve been reading my comics again. Listen, you're fine. I'm here so no body will hurt you." You nodded. "Hey?" Mikey said When your grip tightened a little. "Hmm?" "I love you" you smiled. "I love you too."

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