You make up

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Leo: There you were. Laying on your bed like a star fish. Tears slowly running down your cheeks as your crying slowed. You got up and walked over to your mirror. The red mark had faded into a light pink. Your gaze slowly drifted to the window. Should you go back? Suddenly a tap on the window snapped you out of thoughts. There Leo stood eyes pink and bloodshot. You opened the window not being able to look at his slumped figure in the rain. As soon as he came in you tackled him into a hug. "I'm so so so so so so so sorry." He whimpered in your ear. You looked him in the eye. "Apology accepted." Your lips met his as you finished your sentence. "Are you gonna smile for me then?" Leo asked with a playful look. "No. No I'm not." You said with a straight face. "I wanna see your smile though." He said walking closer to you. "What are you doing?" You asked walking back tripping and landing on the bed. "Seeing your pretty smile." He said before tickling your sides. You burst out laughing. "Leo!! Stop!!" He stopped and smiled at you. "Sleep over at my place? We'll watch Space heroes." Leo offered. "Sure."

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