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Leo: You were in the living room, watching Space Heroes. Leo was in the dojo, but the doors were closed. This was odd because Leo always trained with the doors open. You were worried but shook it off as meditation session. You continued watching Space Heroes until loud banging rang through the lair. "RAPH! MIKEY! DON!" You screamed. The banging got louder and Leo came out with black swollen eyes. "AAAAAAAAAAHHH" You screamed running away. You turned a corner and ran into Raph. As he turned you realized his eyes were also were black. You turned into yours and Leo's room and laid on the bed. The door busted open and all the turtles had black swollen eyes. You screamed as you were cornered.
"Y/N!" Leo said shaking you gently. You quickly shoot up and begin panicking and yelling his name. "Hey! Hey! Slow down honey. I'm right here." You gripped him for dear life and started crying. Leo stroked your hair and started whispering soothing stuff in your ear. "Do you want to talk about it?" Leo asked. You nodded and looked him in the eyes. "All four of you had black eyes.....from the bees." You said. He just sat and stared as you cuddled closer. He knew he would never be able to wipe that from your memory. He knew that his one soul goal was to keep you safe and happy.  Leo just leaned you two back and kept soothing you as you both drifted back to sleep.

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