You make up

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You sat in your room, thoughts racing in your mind. You got up and looked in the mirror. The mark went from bright pink to dark purple. Your lip started quivering again and you shook your head to snap you out of your thoughts. "I just don't understand." You whispered to your reflection. "He was so nice and he let one stupid thing bother him enough to feel the need to slap me?" you questioned your reflection. Then you saw a flash of green go by. You ignored it, knowing who it was. "Y/N. Babe let me in. Please? I wanna talk to you." You looked at your reflection once more and sighed. You turned around to see the most heart breaking thing you ever saw sitting in your window. "Babe Im so so so so so so so so sorry that I hit you. I was mad and wasn't thinking. Im so sorry. I just wish there was a way I could take it all back." You opened your window and pulled Donnie in. "Just hold me you mad scientist." He smiled at your nickname for him. Donnie broke the hug and lifted your chin to get a better look at the bruise. "Oh my gosh...." He whispered and kissed the bruise. "I really am sorry." Donnie says for the 100th time. "Yes I know. I accept your apology." you say snuggling closer to him. "Does this mean we can get back together?" He asked with hope in his eyes. "Who said we ever broke up? I walked out without saying anything." "Well one can only assume from that point. It only makes logical sense that if I hit you and you walked out without saying anything that the relationship is usually over with and done for." Lets just say you two sat in your room for the rest of the night arguing about science.

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