Three Words

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Donnie: You both were in Donnies lab doing an expirement for fun. You were on one side of the table working furiously at the gooey liquid in front of you. Donnie was on the other side of the table working furiously on your Algebra homework. You took a beaker and poured a little bit of mutagen to fill the bottom. Then you took the blueish liquid and poured a little on top of the mutagen. It sort of bubbled then burnt. You sighed in frustration and kept focusing. Suddenly you heard a small snicker from the other end of the table. You look over at Donnie only to see him smiling, gap and all. "What?" curiousity written on your face. "You stick your tongue out when you focus. Its cute." He laughed again. Rolling your eyes you reply with a "whatever" and get back to work. "Are you mad at me?" He asks. You stay silent. "Y/N..." no response. "I love you." He sighs. Your stomach fills with butterflies as soon as the word love came up. "I love you too." You reply earning you a smile.

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