Cuddles into Tickle Fights

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Donnie: You and Donnie were in the lab working on the garage door because it had gotten stuck. You were on the ladder fixing the rail. "Hammer" you said and reached your hand out signaling for him to give you the hammer. He did as told and gave you the hammer. "Thank you." you smiled and reached up to hit the rail back into place. "Help down?" You asked Donnie who grinned and grabbed your waist. You gently fell back into his arms, his hands slid up a little stroking your side. You giggled and squirmed in Donnies arms for a second but a second was all Donnie needed to process what just happened. "Oh my god youre ticklish! Thats literally the cutest thing ever!" He said poking your sides and stomach. You backed up and tripped over the ladder. Donnie caught you and gently put you on the floor, continuing the torture. "Donnie Stop!" About 2 minutes went by before he stopped and leaned down to kiss you. You quickly pulled yourself out from him and he kissed the floor. You started giggling again and he noticed. "Oh gross!!!" Donnie yelled and started wiping his tongue as if had eaten something terrible. You fell over laughing. "Karma will bite back." You said through your laughing fit. "Its on." Donnie said. You two spent the week pranking each other and Mikey somehow got involved. You guys had tons of fun that week.

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