When u meet

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Leo: You were in your apartment just looking out the window. Then all the sudden something big and green falls from the roof and down the fire escape. You open the window and look down. The figure is stuck in the dumpster. You climb out and jump down. You tap the figures foot and you hear a male laugh as he flinches and gets up. "Want some help?" You reach your hand and when he reaches his you see he only has three fingers. That doesn't bother you tho. "Y/N" you said as the turtle jumps out the dumpster. "Leo" he says shaking your hand. "Well next time you want to fall down the fire escape make sure you call me some time. We could get to know each other better." You smiled jumping back up the fire escape. He smiled at the number.

Raph: You were running the rooftops just trying to calm down from the heated argument you and mom just got in. You closed your eyes practically know these rooftops like the back of your hand. You jumped the gap not knowing you would bump into someone half way over the gap. You open your eyes and scream as you realize your falling off a high building. You felt strong muscular arms wrap around your waist. As your falling you grab the fire escape and swing down it and safely to the ground. The person had let go of you on the fire escape. "Hello?" You yelled. "I didn't mean to bump into you. I hope your okay!" You yelled into the night. "Thanks I'm fine." A voice came from the shadows. "The names Raph." Then he steps out of the shawdows to reveal an attractive turtle. "Y/N" you say. "nice to meet you. I got to go but if you ever want to bump into each other again call me." He said handing you a piece of paper. You looked up to say thanks but he was gone. You'll have to text him later.

Donnie: You were in the kraang junkyard looking for a couple parts for your project. You found one out of three parts. You went looking around in a different pile of stuff. You were digging and found something interesting. A giant green foot. You pulled on it thinking it was part of a robot. "hey!" Someone in the pile screamed. You let go and jumped back. This giant turtle with a purple mask around his face. "Oh sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." You just looked at him with a concentrated face. "Amazing!" You whispered. "How did you become like this?! This is amazing!" You exclaimed lifting his arm, studying him. "Long story." He said with a chuckle. "Do you have a name?" "Donnie" he said holding out a three fingered hand to shake. "Y/N" you said with a smile. You ended up exchanging numbers.

Mikey: You were at one of your favorite skateboard parks....in the middle of the night. You loved it when the park was closed and empty leaving you room to do whatever you want. You were so focused on your new trick that you totally knocked someone off their skateboard taking you down with them. "Oh my god I'm so sorry dude! I so didn't mean that." "Its all right dudette." You got up turning a round to help the other guy up. You jumped when you realize it was turtle. You squealed and hugged the turtle when he got up. "Omfg I love turtles." The turtle blushed and chuckled. "Call me Mikey" he said. "Y/N" you said letting go. You two skated for the rest of the night and ended up giving each other your numbers. You gonna have to try this number later.

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