First date/ Meeting his family

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Leo: Up in your room you were getting dressed for yours and Leos first date. He was taking you to his house. You were so excited. You had your hair in a ponytail and the holder had a light blue bow. Your dress however was a short dress. It was baggy and sleeveless at the top and white was the color. The bottom however is a dark sea blue silky material that puts it all together. You wore dark blue converses as well. You heard a tap on the window. Turning around you finish the last detail of your hair and head to the window. You open it up and Leo reaches in and pulls you out to the fire escape. "Ready to go?" He asked with a slight smile. "Yup." He picked you up and put you on his shell. He climbed up on the rooftop and started running. You closed your eyes when he jumped off a building and into an alley. He opened the manhole and jumped down. As he ran through the sewer you pulled your sweatshirt over your nose. Finally you two arrived at a door that led to a living room area. "Cool. You live in the sewers." You said to him. "Yea. We use as much febreeze as we can." He laughed. You jumped when someone cleared their throat. "Hay sensei." Leo said bowing. "Who is this?" A giant rat spoke. He stroked his beard as Leo answered. "This is a friend of mine sensei. Her name is Y/N". The rat smiles at the name. "Yes I see. I am Master Splinter. It is nice to meet you." "The pleasure is mine" you say shaking his paw and bowing. He nods his head and three other turtles come into the living room. "Y/N! This is Mikey,Raph,and Donnie." He said pointing to each of the turtles. "Named after the 4 most famous artists in the Renaissance age?!" "How did you know?" Master splinter asked in a surprised tone. "They're only my favorite artists in the world!" You say happily. Master Splinter smiled and he knew you and him would get along just fine. He even gave his blessing when Leo asked if he could date you! So you and Leo had a pizza party with the family. Yay!

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