You Find His Baby Pictures

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Donnie: Walking around through the shared room of yours and Donnies, you were looking around for something fun to do. Since you and Donnie never really came in here (falling asleep in the lab while working on an expirement) you were never sure on what you and Don had in there. You soon came across a picture that was set besides a note. The note read "Donnie as a baby" the picture was a small baby Donnie with a book. You sat and admired the picture for a few minutes. Heading back to the lab with the goofiest smile on your face, you had an idea. Donnie smiled as soon as you walked in. You shared that smile and held up the picture. "Whered ya get that?" He asked. "The bedroom. Can I do something completley adorkable with it? Please?" You begged with your adorable puppy dog face. "Whats that?" Donnie asked pulling you into and a hug as he stared down at you. You smiled and held up a cute frame youve had for a while. It read "Love Birds" and ironically had a purple and (f/c) heart. You also had a baby picture lying around the lab that Donnie asked you for. You went and put the two in the frame so they showed both of your baby faces and figures. You set it on the shelf were all the other important pictures were and admired it while Don wrapped his arms around you from behind. "Its adorkable." he chuckled and kissed your cheek. "Yea it is. Thats staying there." You smiled and got back to work.

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